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Aural Apocalypse
A Soundtrack for the Final Days
Category: Alternative
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Aural Apocalypse A Soundtrack for the Final Days Featuring: Dark Ambient, Neo-Folk, Militant, Neo-Classical, Medieval ...

by DJ Merrick
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September 18, 2015 09:54 AM PDT

Children of the Apocalypse: The Womb of Mother (part 3)
Raison D’etre: Wasteland
Satori: Contemptus Mundi (excerpt)
Children of the Apocalypse: Atash
Hybryds: There is No God But Men
Hedningarna: Höglorfen
Crash Worship: Wild Mountain
Angels of Light: Praise Your Name
Tony Wakeford: Come the Horseman
Changes: Mahabharata of the Soul
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud: Untitled #4 from “The Smell of Blood but Victory”
Children of the Apocalypse: Dream
6 Comm/Mother Destruction: Beyond the Ka
Belborn: Caffeine
Fire and Ice: Militia Templi
Sorrow: Let There Be Thorns
While Angels Watch: Our Last Fanfare
Soraih & Ashkelon Sain: Tonacayotica (Remix)

September 11, 2015 11:09 AM PDT

Trobar de Morte: No Return
Sumerland: The Blessings of Morpheus
Corvus Corax: Bacchus
Die Irrlichter: Ronde Mon Ami
In Slaughter Natives: Burn My Rest
Puissance: Raining Vengeance
Arditi: Perseverance is All
Cold Fusion: Report Part II
Tony Wakeford: Cupid and Death
Shattered Hand: Fons et Origo
Seelenthron: Abendgedanken
Blood Axis: Bearer of 10,000 Eyes/Lord of Ages
Somnivore: Lumi ei Enää Sula Iholleni
Frost Winter: Ressentiment
J Orphic: Carillon
Ordo Equilibrio: Reaping the Fallen… The First Harvest
Weltenbrand: The Sunken Bath
In The Nursery: L’Espirit
Dissecting Table: Illusion
Propergol: La Petite Fille au Bout du Chemin
Hekate: Trotz Alledem

August 26, 2015 09:45 PM PDT

[Haven]: Redemption
Herbst 9: …And Everything Around Him Answered
Dawn and Dusk Entwined: Sailing by the North Star
Leger des Heils: Feuerbrand
Forseti: Eismahd
Falkenstein: Sonnenkraut
Noosfera: Black Cloud
Front Sonore: Total War Part 4
Anenzephalia: Work for NK
Subliminal: Cry Out Loud
Daemonia Nymphe: Summoning Divine Selene
Kate Price: Tango of the Flowers
Olen’k: Season of Tears
Den Fule: Den Blå Slåtten/Ormslå
Weihan: Europa
Gaë Bolg and the Church of Fand: Larmes de Sang
Tribe of Circle: Te Deum- Totul Pentru Tara
Days of the Trumpet Call: Green Shadow Light
Svarrogh: Holy Water, Earth
A Minority of One: Cambry (Hart of the Chyld)
Beyond Sensory Experience: Futile Resistance

August 12, 2015 05:57 PM PDT

Kriegsfall-U: Crisis and Catharsis
Dernière Volonté: Der Zörn Gottes
March of Heroes: Stalingrad… Our Last Hope Act I
Life Garden: Pushkara
The Soil Bleeds Black: Solution Perfecta
Qntal: Translucida
Furunkulus: Dracula der Pfähler
Leiche Rustikal: For Gweno
Endraum: Nachtblende
Anima in Fiamme: Ode alla Luna
Desiderii Marginis: Hallmark
Taedium Vitae: Nuit
Nothvs Filivs Mortis: Liber II: The Sorrowful Journey
Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa: Nukahtaminen
Rose Rovine E Amanti: Aachen
Northman: Son of the North
Orplid: Jenseits von Hier
Bain Wolfkind: Corruption is the Currency
Well of Sadness: Like Before
Wolfskin: Cart of Light

July 29, 2015 08:21 PM PDT

Allerseelen: Sturmlied (MMVII)
Kirlian Camera: Along the Avenues of Hell
Falling You: A Bird in a Cage
Tor Lundvall: My Weakness
Death in June presents KAPO!: Wolf Wind
Changes: Dream of the Fatherland
Factoria: The Creek Runs Dry
Dies Natalis: Thunderdoor
Hybryds: Marijuana
Antonio Baena Diaz: A Tree Under the Rain
Petit Mal: Öptüm
Triarii: Fatalist
Krepulec: Dywizjon I
Phragments: The King of Cain
Source Direkt: Prometheus
Parzival: Jerusalem
Filia Irata: Viikon Vaivane
Orison: The Butterfly
El Silencio Blanco: Amour
Kammer Sieben: Pingo
Am’Ganesha: Illyria
Brighter Death Now: While You Sleep

July 15, 2015 05:20 PM PDT

Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Into the Garden
Lycia: August (part I)
Eden: Removed from Darkness
Love Spirals Downwards: Noumena of Spirit
Lux interna: Horizon
Ordo Equitum Solis: The Blood, Tomorrow
Unto Ashes: Don’t Fear the Reaper
Soul Whirling Somewhere: One of These Days
Steve Roach: Arc of Passion (excerpt)
Vidna Obmana: The Esoteric Source
Attrition: A Girl Called Harmony
Dark Sanctuary: Présence
All My Faith Lost: Luminal
Human Drama: Lonely
Rajna: Cantara
Autumn’s Grey Solace: Musica Eternal
Arcana: Le Serpent Rouge
Peter Ulrich: Life Amongst the Black Sheep
Jill Tracy: Evil Night Together
Katzenjammer Kabarett: 45
Thanatos: Splinters (re-stripped)

July 08, 2015 03:36 PM PDT

Stille Volk: Ode Aux Lointains Souverains
Engelsstaub: Intro: Birth of an Angel
Lupercalia: Notturno da Barca
Ancient Ceremony: Salute O Santana
Prurient: Forever Hate
Teatro Satanico: LHP
NON: Medici Mass
Inner Glory: Domination
Second Amendment: The Stranger
In Gowan Ring: Cupped Hand Spell
Above the Ruins: Roses
Jack or Jive: The Last Card
Sieben: Peterson’s Seat
Vernian Process: Calm Before the Storm
Wolfskin: Chariot of Race, Chariot of Sun
Halo Manash: Joenukkuma-a Lue
H.E.R.R.: The Fall of Constantinople
Decadence: Suicidal
Arbeit: Der Weg
Karceral Flesh: Fahnenträger (Defile II)
S.T.U.G. 218: Regim 218 (incorrectly announced on show)

July 01, 2015 04:28 PM PDT

A Challenge of Honour: Slavery Called Democracy
Nobody: I Thought it was Paradise
Stalingrad: Neither Honour Nor Glory
SnowW.Wwhite: Crows Fly
Isomer & The Alarmist & Filivs Macrocosmi: Sharashka: The Path of the Mind
Spirits in Ambience: Tears of Beauty, Cries of Sorrow
Ulf Söderberg: Novembergudarna
Sturmpercht: Die Letzte Schlacht am Walserfeld
Storm of Capricorn: Honneur a Nos Braves
Romowe Rikoito: Blueberry Song
Art Abscon(s): Freie Felder
Sturmast: My Prayer is My Inner Armour
Sophia: Sigillum Militum II
Sturm: Terrorisme
Riharc Smiles: Ouverture – The End of Winter
The Merlons of Nehemiah: Eluoami Circle (Praeludium, Eluoami, Coda)
Saltatio Mortis: Hör die Trommeln
Algiz: Dehors, La Plénitude II
Satori: Nocturnal Fury
Wach: Domination Desire
Big Cocky Man Sinweldi: The True Colour of the Wind

June 24, 2015 04:25 PM PDT

Luftwaffe: The Non Man
Ostara: Calling to the Storm
Sol Invictus: Driftwood Thrones
Vulcan’s Hammer: The Two Magicians
Death in June: Last Europa Kiss
Ataraxia: Zelia, City in the Sea
Ostara: Victory Surrender
Rome: Der Brandtaucher
Strength Through Joy: A Grave For Burning Wings
Foresta di Fero: Oakleaf
Luftwaffe: The Tenth Avatar
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud: Untitled track #3 from “The Smell of Blood but Victory”
Awen: The Tree of Sacrifice (live)
Valence: Flicker
Spell: Big Red Balloon
Spiritual Front: No Kisses on the Mouth
Luftwaffe: Killkorps
Fire and Ice: Gilded by the Sun

June 18, 2015 04:05 PM PDT

Jännerwein: Sturm
Falkenstein: Unter der Weide
Seventh Dawn: Clairvoyant
Blood of Kvasir: Prometheus
Naevus: Rags
Mingo: Guide to Invisibility
Atomine Elektrine: Transfused
Inade: The Engine of Space
Omne Datum Optimum: Eklyps
The Moors: Dea Noctu
Faun: Rosmarin
Luftwaffe: Jahada
Infestation: En Garde!
Wappenbund: Neues Leben
Chochmah: Messias-Komplex
Vestigial: The Geometry
Squaremeter (m2): White Breach
Current 93: Red Hawthorn Tree
In Ruin: Let Us Kiss and Part
Out of Sight: Martial Pop Song
Haus Arafna: Electronic Terrorism
Spiritual Front: Velvet Worm Taverna

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