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Aural Apocalypse
A Soundtrack for the Final Days
Category: Alternative
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Aural Apocalypse A Soundtrack for the Final Days Featuring: Dark Ambient, Neo-Folk, Militant, Neo-Classical, Medieval ...

by DJ Merrick
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May 13, 2015 06:30 PM PDT

Rose Rovine e Amanti: Noi Ritoneremo
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio: I Think About Germany and the End of the World
Apatheia: Rot in This Core
Rusalnaia: Winter
Of the Wand and the Moon: Let it Be Ever Thus
J Orphic: Come Ingrid
Les Joyaux de la Princesse: Ouverture D’une Architecture Priveé 1
Cisfinitum: Star Ticket
Rukkanor: High Flight
Novo Homo: Nothing New on the Western Front
Seven Pines: Forêts
Trobar de Morte: In Nomine Filius Mortis
Moon Far Away: Eos Dance
Stoa: Iter Devium
Operation Cleansweep: Blood Face
Clint Listing: One’s Loss of Sanity
Cruelty Campaign: Vaht Guya
Blood Axis: Herjafather
Camerata Mediolanense: Rosmunda
Predella Avant: Untitled track #4 from Self-Titled
Menace Ruine: One Too Many

April 29, 2015 03:40 PM PDT

Dernière Volonté: Nous Maintenons Notre Histoire
Bearer of the Inmost Sun: Untitled Der Blutharsch cover
Allerseelen: Dolce Vita
In The Nursery: Silent in Time
Merzbow: Anicca Part 3 (excerpt)
Troum [Ga]Plaian
Forms of Things Unknown: Mesozoica
Kratong: Blood – Ruby Radiant (Lullaby for Lucifer)
Sagittarius: Nihil Arisen
Autumn Tears: A Dreaming Kiss
Medusa’s Spell: Act 3
The Triple Tree: The Malice of Inanimate Objects
In Ruin: O Coal Black Smith
Art Abscon: Der Dreizehnte Gast
Lux Interna: Secret Heart of the World
Das Zeichen: Douh-Sah-Ra
Impressions of Winter: The Transcendence
Van Langen: Hat Deyn Mann
Garmarna: Straffad Moder & Dotter
Deadwood: Bloodcult
Kristus Kut: I Kissed Her in a Wonderful Bad Dream (excerpt)

April 22, 2015 11:26 AM PDT

Dies Natalis: Der Stein Weit im Korn
Stormfågel: Kis Kece Lányom
A Challenge of Honour & Krieger: Freie Revolution
Bleiburg: March of the Innocents
Duetsch Nepal & Satori: Stella Khruschov_R7 Semyorka Process
Atrium Carceri: Impaled Butterfly
Children of the Apocalypse: The Hunt
Argine: La Pietra del Desiderio
Pilori: Dark Clouds Over Green Meadows
Werkraum: Song for Erik
In My Rosary: Little Death
Thorofon: Riotdictator
The Grey Wolves: Division Influence
Leiche Rustikal: I Forgot
Die Macht: Ultime Chance
Mediaeval Baebes: Dringo Bell
Elijah’s Mantle: Benedictus
Unto Ashes: A Sa Maitresse
Azam Ali: Breton Medley
Filivs Macrocosmi: Stalker
Bisclaveret: Engill Ljssins

April 02, 2015 10:08 PM PDT

Fire and Ice: Lord of Secrets
Noa Babayof: At Your Death
Golgatha (featuring 6 Comm): Icarus (Acoustic Mix)
Neutral & Romowe Rikoito: Diamonds in Your Hands
Death in June presents Kapo: Hero Gallow
O Quam Tristis: Planctus Samsonis
Collection D’Arnell ~ Andrea: Un Parc, Une Tonnelle
Gaë Bolg: Dies Irae
Qntal: Von Den Elben
Albireon: Liù Dorme
Musterion: Unknown Kadath
Indigo Larvae: Anthea Jane
I-C-K: Dandy
L’Effet C’est Moi: Bellica Virtus in Itinere
Dark Awake: Meseonas
SnowW.Wwhite: Late October
Karjalan Sissit: Kunnia Isänmaa
At the Funeral of My Violet Rabbit: Bird of Ill Omen
Leutha: Accusa di un Delitto Infinito
Lycia: This Moment
Anima Morte: Viva Morte!
Current 93: Idumaea
Tenhi: Ciwenkierto
Second Skin: Birthday Girl

March 20, 2015 04:42 PM PDT

November Növelet: Misanthropy
Cyclotimia: Radio Pentagon
Murderous Vision: Celebration for the Undead
Post Sciptvm: Declension
Der Blutharsch: Untitled #2 from “The Pleasures Received in Pain”
Puissance: Release the World
Valence: Jerusalem
Ontario Blue: Don’t Weep for Me
IllumineNaughty: Under the Sun
Rome: The Torture Detachment
Phil Ochs: No More Songs
Coil Tainted Love
Luftwaffe: Florida
Agalloch: A Desolation Song
Nemo Dog The Lies Men Tell Themselves
Waldteufel: Lucifer
Triarii: Heaven and Hell
The Protagonist: The Puritan
Wappenbund: Kraft Durch Willen
Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre: Mon Petite Bete Noire
Zlye Kukly: We Kept Watch Over Time

March 11, 2015 06:53 PM PDT

Darkwood & Chaos as Shelter: Iosis
Aurum Nostrum: Burn My Hands
Spiritual Front: No Kisses on the Mouth (acoustic version)
Weihan: Útlagar
The Green Man: Liber Al
Les Chasseurs de la Nuit: Untitled #5 from Homo Homini Lupus
Brighter Death Now: Necrose Evangelicum
Matamore – Flight of the Nostromo
In Scissors: Chaper I – The Veratrine Verses
Down in June: The Grass is Always Browner
H.E.R.R. & Von Thronstahl: Liberating Spirit
Empyrium: Fortgang
Jahrtal: Reigen
Megaptera: Damaged Mind
Schloss Tegal: Blind Fault Upheaval / Neronaut
Legion Condor: God Loves America
La Maison Moderne: The Only Thing That Hurts
Gothica: The Cliff of Suicide
Endura: When I was Dead
Attrition: Feel the Backlash
L’Orchestre Noir: What Price?
Blackmore’s Night: Under a Violet Moon
Finntroll: Den Sista Runans Dans
Parca Pace: Urban Consequences

March 04, 2015 04:06 PM PST

Neutral: Serpents in the Dawn
:Golgatha: and Dawn and Dusk Entwined: Crusade
Trinithos: Für die Ewigheit
The Goblin Market: The Model
Grey Force Wakeford: Maritime Passage
Wach: Flammenmanifest
Coph Nia: Fire
Beyond The Asylum: No Return
Decadence: Fight!
Luftwaffe: The Sun
Cold Fusion and Rukkanor: Wunderwaffe VIII
Paranoia Inducta: Scars
Rising Shadows: Reverance and Remembrance
Greg Ellis: Form 10
Värtinnä: Sepän Poika
Hagalaz Runedance: Behold the Passionate Ways of Nature
Dissecting Table: Rotation of the Conflict
Institution D.O.L. : Just Cause
Spherical Disrupted vs. Hidden Technology: My Private Offshore Agenda
Flutwacht: A.D.S.D.S.V.
Arbeit! and Kenji Siratori: Callous City
Défilé des Âmes: Mushrooms
Passione Nera: Strength in a Smile

February 17, 2015 04:20 PM PST

Corvus Corax: Avanti
Trobar de Morte: Natural Dance
Omne Datum Optimum: A None
O Quam Tristis: Confiteor
Sturmpercht: Das Letzte Zapfendmanderl
Orchis: Blackwaterside
Cawatana: In Your Father’s Eyes
Blood Axis: Wir Rufen Deine Wölfe
Belborn: Schwarze Glut
Propergol: Signal H
Stahlwerk 9 & Rashof Dachau: Blood Soil
Tugend: Dreams
Ordo Ecclesiae Mortis: Stammheim (Golgatha)
Mysery School: Handmaiden
O Paradis: De Espaldas
Jack or Jive: Telepathy
Deine Lakaien: Mind Machine
Sephiroth: A Map of Eden Before the Storm
Mort Douce: Dream of Better Days
Desiderii Marginis: Scintillate II
Predominance: Nails of Christ
Kammer 7: Flamme Empor
The Joy of Nature: Invocando A Nobreza Para Desmanchar Feiticos
Awen: Needful Death

January 28, 2015 05:43 PM PST

Sonne Hagal: Death of the Corn
Neither Neither World: Confessions
Naevus: Afters
Lonsai Maikov: At a Gallop to Hel
Nod: The Beast in the Arms of God
Sektion B: The World is on Fire
MZ.412: Der Kampf Geht Weiter
Clint Listing: The Last Days of Originality
Ataraxia: Lucrecia
Chirleison: Medea
Helium Vola: Sancte Sator
Potentia Animi: Ewigkeit
Lady Morphia: Sterbende Landschaft
Dernière Volonté: Roma
Kreuzweg Ost: Kohlenklau
Unternehmen Dreizack: Du Bist ein Gedankenverbrecher
Frederik Klingwall: The Poet’s Adoration
Nox Arcana: Ghosts of Christmas Past
Michael Cashmore: My Eyes Open
Sagittarius: Cupio Dissolvi
Down in June: Fall Apart
Carved in Stone: Last Words
First Law: Loxapine (220 mg)

January 21, 2015 05:42 PM PST

Arditi: Der Angriff Geht Weiter
Hekate: Morituri te Salutant
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath Cloud: Untitled from “Insignia: The First Chapter”
The Well of Sadness: The Solo (New Mix)
Kirlian Camera: Fields of Sunset (Days of the Scythe)
Sistrenatus: VII
Ten Horned Beast: In the Teeth of the Wolf (excerpt)
Mystified: Baseline
Galerie Schallschutz: Now is the Time
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio: Singing For The Angel Of The East [Reclaiming That Which Is Ours]
Sangre Cavallum: Velho, Velho
Valence: Dawn’s Sunrise
Varunna: Mala e il Mare
A Challenge of Honour: Act 1
Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre: The Rose-Tinted Monocle
Reutoff: Nemesis
Rukkanor: Death
Unwoman: Caught Her
Die Irrlichter: Cantum Corvi
Gor: Paubres es Amorosa
The Soil Bleeds Black: Quintessence (excerpt)
Riharc Smiles: The Last Green Days of Summer
Sophia: Pride
Predella Avant: Part III from “Carbon Figures”
Svartsinn: The Dark Covet

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